Ghyll scrambling in the Lake District



Ghyll scrambling in the Lake District is an invigorating and challenging activity involving working your way up & down rocks and in and out of  the water in a mountain ghyll.  It's the perfect activity for families and groups in the Lake District looking for something a little different. You can traverse along rock faces, hop across boulders, climb up waterfalls, slide down natural rock chutes and plunge from up to 8 metres into deep pools of water, and all from only £30 per person.  (Assuming a group of 4).

 Every obstacle can be by-passed if you really don't fancy it and apart from the optional jumps the water rarely gets above waist height so you don't even need to be a strong swimmer. This activity is suitable for people of all ages and levels of fitness.

Ghyll scrambling is a great activity for a rainy day. It has been known to rain a bit here in the Lake District. If it looks like being a rainy day why not get wet on purpose ?

So get in touch and give it a go with the specialists. 


               ghyll scrambling